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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers 2013

imdb 8.9 2309

Tiberius seems a bitter, broken boy, having had to beat his comrade Sabinus to death, lashing out at surviving true cowards. Father Marcus Crassus sends his mistress to coax his heir with wine and tenderness, but the knave chooses to rape the 'mere' slave by way of compensation. Senator Metellus is ignored when he rudely inquires why the army hasn't moved on Sinuessa, but will soon see. Spartacus tests Cricus' loyal patience to breaking point by leaving him behind during raids on Crassus's food supplies, announces he's sailing on Heracleo's ships to Sicily and releases the last Romans. While Crixus learns it's a diversion for a pincer movement on Crassu's camp, Caesar fuels the dissension to the extreme before opening the gate with fellow undercover soldiers. Spartacus finds his maritime pincer leg sabotaged as the Cilician pirates sold out to Crassus.

Runtime: 53
Starts: Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Daniel Feuerriegel
Director: T.J. Scott

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