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Decimation 2013

imdb 8.5 2115

Although Sinuesse's food supplies are running out and Cilican pirate captain Heracleo can't promise enough (except wine) even at premium prices, Spartacus orders to admit new slaves, after screening for undercover Romans, a group of which fails to force the gate. Young Caius Julius Caesar manages to pose as a escaped shepherd slave and wins the confidence of dishonest schemer Nemetes. thus he discovers and fuels dissension in Spartacus's camp, yet causes only the slaughter of most Romans and doubt in Crixus's mind whether Spartacus should still be obeyed. In the fortified Roman army camp, Crassus decides the 'cowardly' retreat of Tiberius's men requires the harshest exemplary punishment to instill terrorized obedience: decimation. Tiberius's loyal officer friend nobly decides against a plea for exemption with Crassus, who ends up ordering even his son to draw a lot, but it's the officer who actually suffers beating to death at shattered Tiberius's hands.

Runtime: 56
Starts: Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Daniel Feuerriegel
Director: Michael Hurst

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